Voting Procedure for Members [28 August 2009]

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Voting Rules for the Selection of IRC Members
International Radiation Commission [28.August.2009]
These guidelines were approved at the IRC Business Meeting, Montreal, 24 July 2009

  1. Rules for the Selection of IRC Members

    1. Nomination and Election Timeline
      1. As soon as possible after selection of the new IRC President, in the last year of the membership term, a call for nominations for new IRC members to replace members whose terms are expiring is distributed by the IRC Secretary to current IRC members. Anyone nominated by an IRC member is included on the ballot.

        1. Guidelines for nominating individuals for IRC membership are as follows:
          1. Geographic and other diversity. The Commission must reflect its international status, and aim to capture a diversity of disciplines and other aspects of scientists engaged in atmospheric radiation studies.
          2. Recommendation of scientists actively engaged in IRC pursuits and interests.
          3. Recommendation of scientists who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.
        2. The IRC Secretary will assemble a ballot of nominees from the responses by members.
      2. The IRC Secretary will distribute the ballot of nominees for new membership to the voting members. Members, including those whose terms are expiring, may vote for as many of the nominees as they choose. Only "affirmative" votes are counted; votes "against" are not accepted. Voting will take place in a time window specified by the IRC President.
    2. Election Requirements, Special Considerations and Appointments
      1. To be elected, nominees must satisfy two criteria. Election is by (a) simple majority (the integer part of 50% + 1 of the total votes cast), and (b) ranking within the top three per country/area.
      2. Only nominated individuals can be elected. Write-in votes are not accepted.
      3. There is no vested right regarding an allocated number of IRC members for any given nation.
      4. The President may specify the maximum number of new members for each country or area, typically 3, in order to maintain a relatively stable membership size.
      5. Representation from adhering nations is encouraged but not required.
      6. The outgoing President may choose to appoint one or more nominees from any country/area considered to be underrepresented in the IRC who did not otherwise satisfy the election requirements.
    3. Election Results
      1. Final election results will be announced on the IRC website and by email as soon as possible after the election results are determined. Letters will be sent to all new members informing them of their election to the IRC.
      2. The results of membership elections and any appointments will be reported to the IAMAS General Assembly.
      3. Members may serve two consecutive terms. After two terms a membership normally expires, with the exception of past Presidents who remain honorary members, and Chairs of Working Groups that continue to be active. After a break of four years (one term), an individual who has previously served as a member may be re-elected to IRC membership.
  2. Start Date of the Following IRC Term

    1. After finalization of the new member voting results, the outgoing President will send a formal letter to the incoming President-Elect transferring leadership to the latter. The outgoing President, in consultation with the President-Elect, specifies the start of the new term.