Rules for the Activities of the IRC Working Groups

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  1. Scientific Objective of a WG: The scientific objectives of a WG should be clearly defined at the beginning of each 4-year term, and in the case of a WG that is to be continued into the following term, the objectives should be reassessed, restated and/or redefined based on past progress. A WG focus should be part of actual research areas in atmospheric radiation.
  2. Duration of a Working Group: The WG should define activities which can be addressed in a limited timeframe (about 4 years). See also point 5.
  3. Chairperson of a Working Group: The chairperson of a WG is normally a member of the IRC (exceptions are possible). At the IRC business meetings the chairperson or a representative of the chairperson will summarize the WG written report and answer any questions raised by members in attendance.
  4. Reports: The chairperson of a WG delivers a brief written annual report to the IRC president (about 2 pages) before an announced IRC business meeting. After 4 years the WG completes a reasonable report about the scientific objectives achieved during this time period for the IRC.
  5. Continuation of a Working Group: The IRC will consider a continuation of a WG after a 4-year period if the WG has delivered a reasonable report of its progress and the planned future WG activities, and the chairperson or a representative attends the corresponding IRC business meeting for discussion.