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Rules for the Activities of the IRC Working Groups

Active Working Groups

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ASA - Atmospheric Spectroscopy Applications
Chair: Iouli Gordon

BSRN - Baseline Surface Radiation Network
Co-Chair: Amelie Driemel
Co-Chair: Christian Lanconelli

CR - Clouds and Radiation (Rapporteur)
Rapporteur: Stefan Kinne

CIRC - Continuous Intercomparision of Radiation Codes
Co-Chair: Eli Mlawer
Co-Chair: Lazaros Oreopoulos

GDAP - GEWEX Radiation Panel (Rapporteur)
Rapporteur: Remy Roca

GEB - Global Energy Balance
Co-Chair: Norman Loeb
Co-Chair: Martin Wild

ICLAS - International Coordination group for Laser Atmospheric Studies
Chair: Alex Papayannis

IPRT - International Polarized Radiative Transfer
Co-Chair: Claudia Emde
Co-Chair: Bernhard Mayer

ITWG - International TOVS Working Group
Co-Chair: Liam Gumley
Co-Chair: Vincent Guidard

UV - Solar UltraViolet Radiation
Co-Chair: Julian Groebner
Co-Chair: Ann Webb

3DRT - Three-Dimensional Radiative Transfer
Chair: Alexander Marshak